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Adding Variety To Your Running Workouts

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Over time even the most dedicated runner can begin to become bored with the same old routine of running almost every day. This is especially true for runners who run the same distance and the same route each time they run. It is this monotony that causes many runners to give up their running program in search of an exercise routine which will be more challenging both mentally and physically. Fortunately there are a number of simple ways to add variety to a running program. Incorporating a few different elements into your running routine can really help to motivate the runner to stick with the program and continue to run on a regular basis. Additionally, adding variety to the running program can also help to prevent overuse injuries such as shin splints and stress fractures which may occur when the runner performs the same exact running program over and over again. This article will offer a few simple tips for adding variety to a running routine.

One of the most common reasons exercise enthusiasts abandon a running program is because of boredom. These runners may be caught in the trap of running the same course every day and may easily become bored. These runners may even run the same course at the same pace each day which can be even more monotonous. However, there are ways to make running more exciting. One simple way is to try running on trails a few days a week if your regular running route is on a paved course. Most runners find trail running to be much more exciting because the scenery is usually more attractive and there is also usually more to see during runs. Additionally, the footing is usually less stable and this requires the runner to be more alert and focused on the running. This increased focus can make the running seem to go much more quickly and runners on a trail often find they have completed their workout before they even have the opportunity to get bored.

One incredibly simple way to make a regular running routine seem more exciting is to simply run the regular route backwards. Making this change can be as simple as running in a clockwise direction instead of a counterclockwise direction through your neighborhood. This can make the run seem more exciting because the runner is not as familiar with the course. It may be the same course he runs everyday but by running it backwards he may gain a new perspective and may notice flowers, trees or other objects which are not as obvious when running in the opposite direction.

Incorporating intervals and speed drills into a running program can also help to add variety to the exercise. This type of variety not only makes the running seem less tedious but it can also help the runner to improve his speed and his form. Intervals are essentially short segments run at a pace faster than normal. Most runners start out with a slow warm up and then begin incorporating a few sprint intervals into the workout. These intervals are usually alternated with recovery periods. This type of workout is very beneficial for developing the fast twitch muscles which are beneficial for increasing speed. Runners can also incorporate form drills into their workouts to relieve monotony and also help the runner to improve his form. These drills usually focus on different aspects of form such as stride or arm movements and can help to make the runner more efficient.



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