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A Guide To Running Tights

Running tights are not an essential piece of running gear but it is a piece of gear on which many runners often rely in a number of different situations. There are some runners who may turn to running tights specifically for racing while others may prefer to use running tights during training as well as racing. Running tights also come in a variety of different materials, lengths and types. This article will take a look at why running tights are so popular for both competition and training and will also examine a few of the different types of running tights available.

We will first discuss why so many runners find running tights to be a worthwhile piece of equipment. There are generally two basic reasons why a runner may prefer to wear running tights as opposed to other types of shorts. One of these reasons is the compressive nature of running tights. Many runners like to wear tights specifically for this reason. Running tights fit closely to the body and are usually manufactured from a material which stretches to cover the body as opposed to fitting loosely over the body. This combination of fit and material gives the shorts a certain degree of compressive strength which helps to keep the muscles warm and also helps to hold the muscles tightly together.

running tightsOther runners prefer to wear running tights because of the way the tights fit. Shorts that fit loosely make the runner more susceptible to chafing while he is running. This occurs when the fabric of the shorts is moving and rubbing against the skin during the course of the run. However, because running tights fit so closely to the body, this type of problem is not likely to occur.

Still another advantage which many runners prefer, especially for competition, also relates to how closely the tights fit to the body. This advantage is running tights create a streamlined profile which creates minimal drag while the runner is running. Shorts which fit more loosely may be susceptible to catching pockets of wind which can hinder the runnerís performance. This is why the vast majority of sprinters today prefer close fitting uniforms such as tights or bodysuits. Looser fitting shorts such as split panel shorts may be more comfortable during training but when every fraction of a second counts it is best to minimize drag as much as possible. The problem of drag is not as critical for distance runners simply because the race is significantly longer and as a result, small losses of speed resulting from drag are not as noticeable.

Running tights come in a variety of different lengths and styles. The most common lengths include just above the knee, Capri length and full length. Capri length running tights usually extend to about mid calf length and provide additional coverage for runners who are seeking protection from either colder weather or the sun. Full length running tights are typically used during the colder length and in addition to providing increased coverage are typically also constructed of heavier weight materials. Likewise running tights which end above the knee are more suitable for warmer weather conditions and are also usually constructed of lighter weight fabrics.


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