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A Guide To Choosing A Pair Of Running Shorts

Running Shorts to Buy

While it is true that a runner can run in any type of short in which they feel comfortable, there are a few different types of shorts which are designed specifically for running. Deciding which types of shorts are best is largely a matter of the individual runnerís personal preference. Some runners may prefer one type of shorts over another while other runners may prefer another type of shorts. These preferences can be based on how the shorts look, feel or perform. This article will provide some basic information on the different types of running shorts available as well as some of the advantages and disadvantages of these different types of shorts.

close fit running shortsSome runners may prefer to wear running shorts which are very similar to bicycle shorts without the padding. These shorts fit closely to the skin and are sometimes referred to as compression tights for the way in which they hold the muscles in place firmly during the course of the run. Runners who prefer this type of running shorts typically like these shorts specifically because of the compressive qualities in the shorts. The compressive nature of the shorts keeps the muscles warm during the run and prevents the muscles from moving too much upon impact. Another reason why many runners prefer this type of short is there is minimal chance for chafing with shorts of this type because the fabric fits so closely to the body. Unlike looser fitting shorts which may move and shift during the run, these shorts remain in firmly in place. Some runners, however, shy away from compression shorts simply because they fit so closely to the body. These runners may feel as though these shorts are only suitable for runners who do not have any fat on their bodies.

split running shortsFull split shorts are another common type of running shorts which are very popular. These shorts feature slits on the sides which allow for maximum movement of the leg. These shorts are very popular because runners appreciate the way in which the split does not hinder their natural stride. These shorts may come either with our without liners and again this is a matter of personal preference for the runner. Some runners feel as though the liner provides them with increased coverage while others feel as though the liner is unnecessary and can be uncomfortable if it shifts during the course of the run. One aspect of these shorts which some runners typically do not appreciate is the length of the shorts. These shorts are usually shorter than other types of shorts and can cause some runners to feel self conscious.

running shortsStill other runners favor features such as pockets for carrying keys, identification and sports bars or gels over other features such as function or appearance. For these runners their preference is usually based largely on necessity. Carrying your keys in your hand while running can alter your form and make the run more difficult. However, a small, zippered pocket allows the runner to secure the key in a location which will not impact his form or result in his key being lost during the course of the run.



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