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Guide To Buying A Pedometer

Pedometers To Buy

Purchasing a pedometer is a worthwhile investment for runners who are looking for a fairly inexpensive device to assist them in determine how far they are running each day. Pedometers are generally far less expensive than costly speed and distance monitors which accomplish the same basic purchase. Both pedometers and speed and distance monitors can be used by a runner to determine how far the runner has traveled while wearing the pedometer. The difference between these devices is how they calculate this distance. A pedometer typically uses a spring loaded arm to measure the vertical movement of the hip and determine when a step has been taken while speed and distance monitors rely on GPS to determine the distance the runners has traveled while wearing the device. This difference accounts for the tremendous difference in price between the two types of devices. These differences are what make pedometers so much more costs effective than speed and distance monitors. They may not be as durable, as accurate or as multifunctional but they do serve their intended purpose well. When purchasing a pedometer there are a number of factors for the consumer to consider. These factors include price, durability and function. Additionally, the runner should carefully consider consumer product reviews before making a purchase.

Price is one of the underlying factors to be considered in any product purchase and the purchase of a pedometer is certainly no exception. Runners who are planning to purchase a pedometer should carefully consider the available alternatives including the price of these alternatives. Most pedometers range in price from approximately $10-$40 but it is also possible to find pedometers priced at significantly more or less than this average. How much a runner is willing to spend on a pedometer will depend on the intended use of the pedometer as well as his financial situation. Some runners may easily be able to afford the most expensive pedometer available and may feel this cost is justifiable even if they do not plan to use the device often. Conversely other runners may have limited financial resources and may determine how much they are willing to spend on a pedometer based on their financial situation as well as the amount of use they believe they will get out of the device.

Durability is another important consideration for runners who are planning to use a pedometer to measure their steps or the distance they travel during each run. Pedometers are typically used by walkers and therefore many models may not be durable enough for use by runners. Having to replace a pedometer often can be costly plus it is very inconvenient. Therefore, before making an initial purchase the runner should seek out a model which is likely to be durable enough to be used for running. There are some models which are created specifically for runners but some runners may find models designed for walkers can be durable enough as well. In particular runners should pay attention to the mechanism in which the pedometer clips to the waistband. This mechanism should be strong enough to withstand the more rigorous movement of a running stride without coming unclipped and making the pedometer susceptible to falling.

The function of a pedometer should also be considered when purchasing a pedometer for use while running. This is significant because most runners are more interested in determining the distance they travel during a run as opposed to the number of steps they are taking during the course of a run. Converting the number of steps you take to the number of miles you have run is a fairly simple and straightforward calculation but many runners would prefer if the pedometer performed this calculation for them automatically. For these users, it is worthwhile to invest in a pedometer which has advanced functions which perform these types of calculations for the user. This convenience will prevent the runner from having to performing the calculation each time the runner uses the pedometer.

Finally, runners who are considering the purchase of a pedometer for use during their running should pay particular attention to consumer reviews of the pedometers they are considering. These reviews are usually more useful than other types of reviews because they come from consumers who have used the device and are usually a more honest and realistic account of the quality of the product. In evaluating these reviews, the runner should carefully consider the overall satisfaction of the consumer with the product as well as the durability and usefulness of the product. This type of information will be useful for the runner in determining which pedometers are typically considered to be a worthwhile investment as well as which pedometers are generally thought to be inferior. When reading these consumer reviews it is worthwhile to consider the ratings of the product in terms of averages. If you are able to find a large number of reviews which are positive for a particular product but also encounter one or two reviews which are overwhelmingly negative it might be worthwhile to discount these reviews.



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