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Weight Training For The Masters Running Crowd (Runners Over 40)

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Weight lifting can be an important part of the training regimen for masters runners. While weight lifting may be beneficial for runners of all ages, it is especially important for masters runners who may be suffering from both muscle and bone loss. Staying active and running regularly can both help to delay these signs of aging but weight lifting can also have a significant impact on helping the runner to avoid the loss of bone or muscle. In addition to the benefits of delaying the onset of these symptoms typically associated with increased age, weight lifting can also provide improved performance as well as improved appearance. This article will provide a few basic tips for masters runners who are engaging in a weight lifting program.

One concept in regard to weight lifting which is important for masters runners is the concept of doing high repetitions with a relatively low weight. This may sound as though it will not be very productive because most people are well aware that lifting heavier weights is necessary for muscle gain. However, this is precisely the reason why masters runners should not train in this manner. This is because most runners do not want to bulk up especially if they are training for a particular race. Increased muscle mass, especially on the upper body, can result in slowing the runner down. However, lifting lower weight and doing more repetitions allows the runner to enjoy the benefits of weight lifting without contributing to him bulking up before a race. Runners who are confused about how much weight they should be lifting and the number of repetitions they should be performing may wish to follow a basic guideline to help them make these decisions. This may include determining the maximum amount you can lift and then doing 12 repetitions of approximately 50%-60% of this total weight. The runner may wish to repeat these 12 repetitions one or two more times after a brief rest period.

Masters runners should also pay particular attention to their form while lifting weights. This is important because proper form will yield the best positive results. When performing exercises which require you to be seated, plant your feet firmly on the floor so you are in a position where your thighs are parallel to the floor. Also keep your back erect so it is at a 90 degree angle with the seat. When performing an exercise take care to move the weight slowly through the range of motion. You should exhale as you lift the weight and inhale as you lower the weight.

Masters runners should also take advantage of the time they have available while they are resting between sets. It is a good idea to stretch during this time because doing so will help to keep the muscles more flexible. Most runners have a great deal of difficulty stretching because their muscles tense up and contract while running. After awhile the muscles become resistant to other positions and remain inflexible. However, stretching while lifting weights can help the runner to maintain or improve his flexibility.


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