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How To Succeed At Masters Running

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Masters runners can still find themselves in a position where they can succeed in races. Regardless of whether this success is measured in terms of simply completing races or in finishing competitively, there are a few tips which can help the masters runner to achieve his goals on the day of a race as well as throughout his training. This article will offer some basic tips for masters runners who are looking to achieve success in their racing careers.

Consistency is one of the very important aspects which can help masters runners to excel in their chosen events. In particular masters runners should plan on training on a regular basis. This does not mean the masters runner should revert back to a rigorous training schedule with very few, if any, days off from running. On the contrary the masters runner should take ample rest days during the course of the week but should still be sure to stay in a pattern of running at least 2-4 days per week. This will help to prevent the runner from falling into a pattern of not running regularly. This is important because when this happens it can be difficult for the runner to return to a regular running schedule.

Masters runners should also consider training with a partner on a regular basis. This can be very helpful because training with a partner can not only help to prevent the runner from skipping too many workouts but can also result in the runner improving if he selects his training partner carefully. The training partner may be older or younger than the runner but should be of a skill level which is comparable to the runnerís own skill level or even slightly superior to the runnerís skill level. This will help to motivate the runner to improve in order to keep up with his partner.

Masters runners should also be careful to select their training goals carefully. The goals they select should challenge the runner but should also be goals which are achievable. Setting goals which are too lofty or unattainable can have a detrimental impact on the runner because he may lose motivation because of the difficulty he has attaining his goals.

Another useful tip for masters runners is to be careful to manage time well. Younger runners may not have the same outside commitments as older runners and as a result may have unlimited amounts of time to devote to running. However, older runners usually have family and career obligations which vie for his time and attention. Planning out workouts carefully and not wasting time during the workout can help the runner to achieve his training goals without sacrificing time with family or friends or detracting from work obligations.

Also, masters runners should take regularly scheduled breaks from competing. Previously we mentioned the importance of not taking extended breaks from training because this may cause the runner to fall into a pattern of not running regularly. However, it is not necessary for masters runners to compete continuously. Training for a specific race can be very consuming and taxes the runner both physically and mentally. Taking periods of time where the runner is not preparing for a particular race makes the runner free to focus on running for fun without the stress of training for a specific race.


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