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How Running Can Help You Live Longer

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Masters runners who are lacking the motivation to continue their training program may be inspired by the simple fact that the longer they continue to run the longer they may live. The link between longevity and running cannot be denied. Therefore, runners who persevere with their running routine are more likely to live longer and remain healthier than those who do not exercise regularly. This article will provide some basic information on how masters runners can gain this longevity advantage by maintaining their fitness level through running.

Masters runners who have been running all of their lives have a distinct physical advantage over their peers who may turn to running later in life in an effort to improve their physical health. The advantage these masters runners have is they have already been running regularly and are likely already either in optimal shape or are extremely close to being in optimal shape. This means their bodies have not been harmed by periods of lack of exercise or from periods of being overweight or obese. However, even masters runners who didnít start running until later in life can still gain a longevity advantage over those who never started running or exercising. This is partly because the runner can actually undo some of the damage from years of inactivity by losing weight, improving cardiovascular health and strengthening muscles.

Masters runners are advised to take a moderate approach to training which incorporates a variety of running activities including distance work as well as speed work while still providing adequate time for rest. Rest should be a very important part of any masters runners training program. Masters runners should be sure to have 1-3 days of rest each week to allow the body to recuperate. They should also be sure to include a rest day after high intensity workouts as well because these are very taxing on the body. This type of training helps the runner to stay in shape without putting him at risk for overtraining injuries.

Cross training should be a critical component of a masters runnerís training program. This may include participation in activities which are closely related to running such as water jogging or participation in activities which are vastly different such as team sports, rock climbing or even golf. These activities not only give the body a break from the repetitive pound of running but also challenge the body in new ways which can help to improve overall health.

Finally, masters runners should be aware of their fitness level and current health conditions and should understand it may be necessary to modify the training program as necessary as they age. Runners in their 40s are considered to be in the category of masters runners, however, this category is a wide group which may include runners who are significantly older. Runners may continue to participate in the sport they enjoy well into their 70s, 80s and even 90s. However, these runners should work closely with their doctor to establish a training plan which is ideal for their level of health. This may mean curtailing mileage, not doing high intensity workouts and making different choices in terms of running surface but it does not mean the runner has to stop running completely unless there are specific medical concerns which cause the runnerís doctor to advise against continuing to run.



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