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How To Maintain Your Edge In Running

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Masters runners may be aware of their declining strength and may wonder if there is anything they can do to maintain their competitive edge. Fortunately for these runners, age does not have to signify an overall decline in performance. Runners in their 40s and beyond may have to modify their training to remain competitive but they will likely find there are a number of ways they can help themselves to maintain the competitive edge they held over their peers at an earlier age. This article will provide some basic tips for masters runners who want to make sure they are remaining competitive in their age group.

One of the important things a runner can do to maintain a competitive age later in life is to never get out of shape in the first place. This tip is not useful for runners in their 40s or later in life that are already out of shape and are looking to regain their competitive edge. However, masters runners who are still in shape at an advanced age can rest assured that they have already taken a tremendous step towards helping themselves to remain as a competitive runner. Additionally, younger runners who are researching masters runner at an early age to ensure they are well prepared for running later in life can use this information to motivate themselves to stay in shape.

Incorporating high intensity workouts into the training program on a regular basis can also help masters runners to maintain a competitive edge later in life. It is not necessary to perform high intensity training every day but runners who do 1-2 high intensity workouts each week will likely find themselves better prepared for races than their peers who do not do this type of high intensity training. High intensity training such as interval training is so important because it is this type of training which really helps the runner to improve by challenging the body. For example doing sprints engages the fast twitch muscle fibers which are necessary for speed. Therefore, doing these types of workouts followed by adequate rest periods, which allow the body to recover properly from these workouts, will help the runner to maintain a competitive edge.

Another way masters runners can maintain their competitive edge is by competing on a regular basis. There is no shortage of races available for runners of all levels which can help to keep an older runner racing regularly. Training for and participating in these events will keep the runner motivated to improve because he is training for a specific purpose. Additionally, runners learn a great deal from competition. By running in races on a regular basis the runner will learn a great deal about himself as well as about race strategy. This information can all be used to help the runner improve.

Masters runners are also advised to make strength training a part of their training regimen to help them remain competitive among their peers. Studies indicate runners begin to lose strength as they age. This is a result of the normal aging process where both muscle and bone become depleted. However, regular strength training can help to delay both muscle and bone loss making runners who strength train stronger than their peers who do not incorporate strength training into their workouts. Both hill running and speed can be enhanced by strengthening muscles.


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