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How To Define Masters Running Success

One important aspect for masters runners to understand is they have to learn to define their own success. When they were younger they may have focused on winning races or placing highly in the race standings to determine whether or not the training for the particular race was a success. Runners who have had a great deal of this type of success earlier in their careers may have a difficult time with the concept of finding different ways to define success later in life. For this reason, this article was written with the intended purpose of helping masters runners to realize different methods they can use to gauge their success.

One of the most elementary ways a masters runner can evaluate his success is by really thinking about his goals in terms of his overall life goals. One simple way to look at this concept is to consider your life and decide whether or not you are truly happy. If you are training regularly, are happy with the balance you have struck between training, family and work and are relatively injury free this can be considered a tremendous success. Consider the alternatives. Many who ran regularly at an earlier age find themselves out of shape later in life and feeling as though they have no time for training, family or their careers. Runners who can view their entire life with an overall sense of satisfaction have accomplished a great deal already and should be proud of their success.

Masters runners should also consider their current health as well as their level of fitness in determining whether or not their current training program is successful. This is significant because studies have shown running on a regular basis can actually help to delay the aging process. Telltale signs of aging such as bone loss or muscle loss are often less significant in runners simply because they are maintaining an exercise program which is helping to keep their bodies active. Evaluate your fitness level in relationship to your peers and determine where you stand in comparison to other runners as well as those who do not run or exercise regularly. In making these comparisons you may find there are some runners who are in considerably better shape than you which may serve to motivate you to intensify your training program. However, you will also likely find you are in significantly better shape than your peers who do not exercise regularly. This should help you to realize your training efforts have been successful.

Masters runners may also wish to begin evaluating their level of success in terms of completing races or events instead of focusing primarily on the finishing placement in the race. Runners can evaluate this type of success by continually challenging themselves to participate in new events such as events of different distances or multi sport events such as triathlons. The ability to train for and complete these different events should be considered a worthwhile achievement in itself. Consider a runner who focused on events shorter than a 5K when he was younger. He may have done exceptionally well at these shorter distances and frequently won races but training for a marathon later in life can be extremely rewarding simply because it is so different from previous accomplishments.



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