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Cross Training, Triathlons, and Ironman Events for Masters Runners

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Masters runner may have to do some self evaluation in their 40s and evaluate their current fitness level and abilities may find they need to make some changes to the types of events in which they are regularly competing. The same runners who have run twice a day and completed more than 100 miles per week in their 20s find this is no longer possible as a masters runner. Waning strength as well as other commitments such as family and work make this difficult for the masters runners. This high mileage training schedule which may have been ideal for the younger runner attempting to accomplish goals of qualifying for exclusive races or winning prestigious races is no longer part of the masters runnerís lifestyle. However, this does not mean he should retire from competitive racing altogether. Rather it means the masters runner should focus instead on events which are more likely to provide him an opportunity to excel. This includes participation in multi sport events such as triathlons. This article will provide some information on how masters runners can utilize cross training to help them find alternatives to running races which will allow the older runner to excel.

The sport of triathlon is a multi sport event which includes a swim leg, a bike leg and a running leg. The distances for these legs may vary from short sprint events to full ironman distance events which include a 2.4 miles swim, a 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run. Many masters runners stumble onto the sport of triathlon later in life for a couple of different reasons. One of these reasons, is these older runners realize that while they may have lost some strength with age, their endurance is still strong. This makes the runners more likely to be able to excel in events such as triathlon which require athletes to have a great deal of endurance to succeed.

Masters runners also find training for multi sport events such as triathlons to be ideal for another reason. Training for a race which includes three different disciplines requires that the athlete to divide his training time and energy among these three sports. As a result the athlete has less time to focus on running but this can actually be beneficial because it also means the runner is spending less time running simply because he has to devote training time to biking and swimming as well. Both biking and swimming are lower impact sports than running so on days in which the runner is training for the biking or swimming legs of the race, the runnerís body gets a much needed break from the repetitive pounding of running.

Finally, another reason why masters runners may find themselves excelling in multi sport events is these types of events require the athlete to exercise a great deal of patience and to run the race strategically. These are traits which are usually acquired with age as a runner matures and gains a great deal of racing experience. Although there may be some younger athletes who also posses these qualities, it is much more likely for older runners to posses these skills and be able to utilize them to their advantage during multi sport or endurance races.


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