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Training for races may become one of the key aspects of a masters runners racing career. While earlier in his career, the same runner may have been able to rely on his natural speed and strength, he finds that later in life these natural abilities begin to fade. When this happens, the masters runner needs to re-evaluate his training regime to train effectively and efficiently for races. This re-evaluation will likely result in the runner investing additional time into developing an effective training strategy which maximizes his strengths including endurance and a better understanding of how to be patient during a race. This article will focus on a few training tips which might be beneficial for masters runners who are training for an important race.

One of the most important tips we can offer to a masters runners is to do a great deal of planning prior to the event. This will include selecting a race well in advance and then carefully defining a training schedule which will not only properly prepare the runner for the event but also enable him to ensure he is poised to peak at the time of the event.

In preparing for a race, masters runners should take the opportunity to reflect on past races when developing their training program. In particular they should focus on what went right and what went wrong in previous races. This is one distinct advantage, masters runners often have over younger runners. The masters runners have a great deal of experience to draw upon when planning out their training plan while younger runners may still be in a situation where they are evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. Masters runners who are well aware of their past racing and training mistakes are better equipped to be able to avoid these problems in future races.

Masters runners who are focusing the majority of their training time and energy on a specific event should take care to prepare for all of the possible problems they may encounter during the race. This will involve carefully evaluating the chosen race and determining what possible problems may arise during the course of the race. For example, it is important to consider the likely weather conditions, the terrain of the course, the number of participants expected at the race and any number of other factors which may impact the runner on the day of the race. Consider a chosen race which is scheduled to take place in a very warm climate. In this situation, hydration may be one of the key factors for the runner to consider. It will be critical for the runner to take in enough fluids during the course of the race. Therefore, the runner should develop a hydration strategy before the race and should practice this strategy to ensure it will be effective on the day of the race. This strategy may include components such as carrying sports replacement drinks on the course or walking through aid stations rather than running through them to make fluid intake easier.

Finally, masters runners are advised to plan in advance for their post race recovery strategy. This is important because training seriously for an important can be both physically and mentally draining on the athlete. Therefore, once the race is completed the runner needs time to allow his body to recover and also for his mind to recover enough to participate in another race in the future. It is not unlikely for a runner to be unmotivated to run immediately after a race but this lack of motivation should improve with adequate recovery time.


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