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Indoor Running - Tips To Tread On A Treadmill or Indoor Track

Although many runners may prefer running outdoors, there are times when training indoors becomes a necessity. It may be necessary to take the training indoors because of weather conditions or because the runner is unable to train during daylight hours. Fortunately for these runners who find themselves in these situations, training indoors can be effective, fun and safe. However, there are some precautions which runners should take when training indoors. This article will provide some useful advice for runners on the subject of training indoors.

One of the most common ways for a runner to train indoors is to run on a treadmill. This can be tedious and boring for some runners but it does closely replicate an outdoor running situation so runners can get a workout very comparable to the workout they would have if they were running outdoors. However, runners should consider setting the treadmill to a slight incline of approximately 1% when using a treadmill instead of running outdoors. This slight incline creates a small amount of resistance which makes running on a treadmill more closely resemble the effort required when running outdoors. Runners who are used to running on steep hills outdoors might want to consider setting the treadmill to a hill profile which will vary the incline throughout the duration of the workout. Using one of these hill programs will likely make running on the treadmill closely mimic the usual runs for these runners.

Listening to a portable radio is not recommended when running outdoors because it blocks surrounding sounds such as cars or strangers approaching. However, runners who are running indoors on a treadmill can safely use a portable radio or music player because they do not have to worry about obstacles or approaching strangers. This can be very useful because it can help to make the workout more fun, it can also help to make the workout seem to go by much quicker and can also help to motivate the runner. Listening to upbeat music can have a very positive effect on the runnerís performance.

Proper hydration is just as important when running indoors as it is when running outdoors. In some cases, it may even be more important than it is outdoors. This is usually true when the indoor training location is kept at a temperature which is too high, is overcrowded or not properly ventilated. All of these factors can contribute to the runner overheating and becoming dehydrated as a result of sweating too much while on training indoors.

Overheating is another serious problem which may occur when runners are training indoors. This scenario is especially likely in locations where the cooling system is not working well. Runners in this situation might want to consider positioning a fan nearby while they are running to help keep them cool while they are working out.

Finally, it is important to note that proper hydration and staying cool are necessary whether the runner is on a treadmill or running on an indoor track. In both situations the runner may become prone to becoming dehydrated or overheated without taking proper precautions.


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