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How To Buy Running Shoes

A guide to getting the right pair of running shoes for your feet.

Running Shoes to Buy

The question of how to buy running shoes may be one of the most commonly asked question among runners. This question is common among both novice runners and much more experienced runners and unfortunately there is no simple answer for all runners. Runners must consider a vast number of factors including weight, type of running they do, the location where they typically run, their style of running, the arch of their foot, the size and shape of their foot, their budget for buying a new pair of running shoes and even their personal preferences in selecting a running shoe. With so many different considerations factoring into the equation it is clear there can be no simple answer which will help all runners to find the ideal running shoe. However, there are a few pointers which can make the process of searching for a running shoe much more enjoyable and also much more beneficial for the runner. This article will offer some advice on purchasing a great running shoe.

You can purchase running shoes in a variety of locations, however, the best piece of advice we can give to runners who are confused about what type or model of running shoe to purchase is to visit a store which specializes in selling running shoes. When you are in need of dental work you go to a dentist and when you are in need of a car repair you go to a mechanic. Following this logic, it makes sense that when you are in need of a new pair of running shoes; you go straight to the experts. In this case, the experts are the employees in a shoe stores which specializes in selling running shoes. Here the staff is likely to be very knowledgeable and can provide you with a great deal of information about which shoes are the best for you. Many of these stores even have treadmills and video cameras set up so the staff can have clients run on the treadmill briefly while they take video of their feet. This can provide a great deal of insight into the type of running style which the runner has. With this information the staff member can determine factors such as how the runner is striking the ground and whether or not the runner is overpronating or underpronating. This refers to how much the foot is rolling inward as it strikes the ground. Rolling inward excessively is known as overpronating while not rolling inward enough is known as underpronating. There are running shoes designed specifically for runners who overpronate or underpronate and the staff can offer you a variety of options for which shoes would be best for your running style.

The staff at a store specializing in the sale of running shoes is also likely knowledgeable about other factors as well. They will likely base their running shoe recommendation on the analysis of your running style as well as the type of arch you have, whether you do the majority of your running on trails or paved streets, the distances you run and a number of other factors. You should plan on investing a significant amount of time to finding the perfect pair of running shoes because the sales person will likely have a number of questions as well as several options for you to try out.

The staff at store specializing in the sale of running shoes will likely be able to offer a number of recommendations for different models of running shoes which may work well for you but ultimately the decision is up to you. Therefore you should plan on trying out each running shoe for fit, function and comfort before making your final decision. The best way to do this is to go for a run in each pair of running shoes you are considering. It is recommended that runners show up to shop for running shoes dressed to run so they can adequately test out their running shoes before making a decision. Some shoe stores will allow the user to take the running shoes outdoors and go for a run around the parking lot while other stores may offer the use of a treadmill for the customer to try out a few different pairs of shoes. Simply trying on the shoes and taking a few walking steps inside the store is not enough to give the runner a good indication of how well the shoes really fit as well as how well they function. Actually, running in the shoes is far more useful to the decision making process. Even after you make a decision, some stores may have liberal exchange policies on running shoes which may enable you to return the running shoes even if you have been running in them for a week or more. This is because the owners of these stores realize the importance of a good running shoe and likely set stores policies to benefit the runner.

Some runners may find only one pair of running shoe which really works for them while others may find a number of different options which are suitable. Those who find multiple options available to them can rely on factors such as budget and personal preference to help them make the final decision. Most runners do not specifically base their decision to purchase a running shoe on the colors or style of the shoe, however, when they are comparing two shoes with comparable fit and function, they are likely to select the running shoe which is either most cost effective or most physically appealing.


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