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1st July
written by John

I have tried other athletic compression socks and they tend to fail in two important areas. They are the fit of the sock and how I feel the next day after a hard workout. I have been wearing the Sigvaris recovery socks for a while and they do an excellent job in those two areas.

First, the fit is outstanding. They fit your foot and calf like a glove, nice and comfortable. Also, they don’t fall down to your ankles after a couple of miles. I also wear them around after a workout and they feel very comfortable. The socks use a patented dri release and latex-free yarn with embedded Freshguard treatment virtually eliminating orders.

After a hard workout I slip the Sigvaris socks on and wear them for a couple hours or more depending on the workout I did. The socks promote lactic acid flush-out and relieve the onset of muscle soreness. The next day after a a hard interval workout my legs feel fine. I am able to run a recovery run with less pain and more bounce to my step.

I highly recommend these socks especially if you have trouble recovering from workouts or want to feel better after a long run. You can go to www.sigvarisusa.com to get more information or pick up a pair.

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