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Welcome To "The Runner's Guide."  Your source to learn about the world of running.  Whether your interest in running is recreational or competitive, you've come to the right place.

Be sure to check out our newest guide, "Your First Marathon" - A guide to marathon training for the beginner. We'll "run" you through the basics and teach you what you need to know before you show up on the day of the marathon.  You'll also learn what what you need to know about the actual running of the marathon and even what you need to do to properly recover.

We're striving to make sure The Runner's Guide is the best site for runners on the Internet.  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please be sure to drop us a line and let us know what you think. 

Running Stretches and Running Tips

Click Here to view the DVD.

We have a lot in the works here.  If you want to know about the most recent updates, be sure to stop by the blog and to know what we've been up to on this site.  The Runner's Blog is also where we post news from around the world of running, so if you want to know about big events, new breakthroughs, and cool gear and gadgets, then be sure to book mark the blog and visit frequently.

The Runner's Forum will be launching shortly.  My first attempt to get it up and running failed, but I hope to have that finished this week.  Once finished, there will be a great and interactive community for your to talk to fellow runners for support and to ask questions about whatever running topic happens to be on your mind. 


Thanks for stopping by.  Please have a look around the site as we're constantly updating and adding new info to help you learn how to run better, faster, and to get in better shape.

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Want a Marathon Pace Chart on your wrist? To learn more about the Marathon Pace Band, go to my website and make sure to check out how it can help you with your marathon pace.

Want Running Tips and Running Stretches on a DVD? To learn more about the tips for running, go to my website and check out the running stretches..

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