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7th May
written by John

When running or doing any other type cardiovascular exercise, the most important element that ensures success and enjoyment is learning how to breathe properly. Obviously oxygen is key to life and without it living organisms can no longer thrive, the same thing is with your running workout. Fortunately learning how to breathe when running is not that complicated, you just need to follow these sensible guidelines:

1- For starters, you need to be breathing in from the nose and out from the mouth. This breathing pattern guarantees the constant delivery of oxygen to your working muscles and cardiovascular system.

2- You should aim at breathing more deeply and using your whole diaphragm in the process; most runners who tire too soon whilst running are chest breathers, hence you should get into the habit of breathing from your belly instead of your upper chest. If you find this method hard, then you may need to enroll in a Yoga class and learn a bit about Pranayama breathing techniques.

3- Use your breathing to relax your body and let go of any tension build-up you may feel while running. See, learning to breath properly will not only prompt your running performance, it will add fun and enjoyment to the training itself.

Keep up the good work!

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If you have any questions or topics you would like for me to talk about Email them. Until next time, have a Great Run.


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