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Archive for July, 2008

19th July
written by John

One of the most important pieces of equipment to a runner is their shoes. Choosing the right running shoes is important for any distance runner. They support your body and keep it safe and healthy while you run. Even if you don’t run that much, you should invest in a good pair of running shoes. We all know that a shoe should feel comfortable, but there are other things you may not think of. Here are a few tips on selecting the right pair.

· Get enough support. A good pair of running shoes should feel snug all around your foot. This means that your whole foot is being supported. If you can’t find a pair of shoes with the right support, buy some orthotic inserts.

· Examine the shoes. Besides trying on the shoes at the store, you should look and feel the shoes as well. Check to see if they feel strong and well made. Also check for padding and other shock absorption factors.

· Get the right size. Many people think about how their arches feel in shoes and totally ignore their toes. To avoid toe damage, get shoes that are half an inch longer than your farthest reaching toe. Also, since your feet spread out as you walk and stand during the day; try to shop for shoes at night when your feet are bigger.

· Don’t use worn out shoes. Shoes eventually lose their ability to absorb shock after about 400 miles. Keep track of your mileage and replace your shoes accordingly. You may need to replace them more often depending on your running style.

To learn more you can go to how to buy running shoes or go to my forum and ask a question and I will address it personally.

If you have any questions or topics you would like for me to talk about Email them. Until next time, have a Great Run. Sign up for my newsletter for more tips.

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