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Archive for May, 2007

27th May
written by John

Have you ever tripped on your shoe laces? On one of my runs the bow of the shoe lace was bigger than normal and my opposite foot got caught and I bit the dust. I was fortunate that I was not on a busy road because I would of got hit. The spill was not really bad because I caught myself with my hands. I did scrap my hands and the knee though. I tripled knotted the laces and went on to finish the last 9 miles.
I ran 74 miles with my long run of 15 miles. I did 4 x 1 mile repeats between 5:10 and 5:19 with 2:15 rest between the repeats. I also ran a 4 mile anaerobic run at 5:34 pace. This type of run is used to improve your anaerobic threshold and can be kinda tough by yourself.
This week I have a question about on how to avoid blisters on your feet. My best advice is to make sure you get the appropriate pair of socks. Look for a pair moisture wicking socks. These will take the moisture away from your feet and work pretty good. I know of some people that use body glide on their feet and says it works. If you have a blister make sure you you take care of it and you might use something called tough skin to put on the blister. If you have any questions about running you can post them on my Running Forum or Email me. Until next time, have a Great Run.

20th May
written by John

My running log the week of May 20 with running tips included.
This week I decided to back off on the harder workout which would of been mile repeats. Instead I focused on the long run which was 15 miles and added another mile to my AT run. I ran 6 miles at AT pace and felt ok. My the first 4 were run in 6:15 pace and the last 2 were 6:05 avg. My long run I averaged 7:00 pace and felt strong all the way through it. I backed off the harder workout because I felt a little off from the race and the repeat workout from the last 2 weeks. It’s important to listen to your body because it knows what it needs and not needs.
I have a couple of questions that people emailed in to me that I want to answer. “Is running on a treadmill the same as running outside?” It is very similar except it is doing a little work for you. The treadmill is propelling you forward so you do not need as much force to move your body. Secondly you do not have the resistance you have outside like wind to slow you down.
“When you buy running shoes what do you look for and where do you buy them?” I believe it is important to go to your local running store. You get more attention and they will fit your feet with the right shoes. I do not buy shoes for looks, but instead functionality. Prices will vary, but on the average a quality shoe will cost between $50 to $70.
If you have any questions about running you can post them on my Running Forum or Email me. Until next time, have a Great Run.

13th May
written by John

I wanted to start off by saying Happy Mothers Day for all the moms out there. If it was not for my mom I would not be where I am now in my life. It was another successful week. I ran 70 miles for the week and felt good through most of the week. I ran a 5 mile AT run at 6:10 pace and put in a 14 mile long run. I also did 3 x 1 mile repeats on the track with a 3 minute recovery. They were not very fast, but they are not supposed to be right now anyways. I worked a high school track meet on Friday and it was great to see some of my former students run great. It would be great to go back in time and compete, knowing what I know now. The kids ran tough and was impressed with their competitiveness. If you have any questions about running you can post them on my Running Forum or Email me. Until next time, have a Great Run.

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